Commercial Installation

It is with great pleasure that we announce the broadening of our current services at Green-Up!

Since 1976, Green-Up has been able to offer the quality service and attention to detail we are renowned for. In 2012, when we joined with our parent company, Acres Group, we tabled our commercial landscape operations at that juncture. As a fully unionized company, it is now time for an exciting re-introduction of those commercial services, complete with an established .8 MOD rate and a $7,500,000 bonding capacity. At Green-Up, we don’t skimp on safety. In addition to our outstanding MOD rate, our exemplary dedication to safety has earned us numerous safety accolades from Planet Professional Landcare Network as well as multiple awards of the Silver Performance Level for Safety by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. These attractive features, in conjunction with our considerably experienced and capable 100% union labor force, make us an appealing choice for your next project.

In concert with our parent company, Acres Group, we have accumulated over (60) years of experience in the landscape industry and are able to ensure that a competitive and comprehensive array of quality services will be available to meet your every need for every sized job. Green-Up has a tremendously talented team prepared to meet your exacting requirements with excellence and responsiveness. Our crews will continue to install playground equipment, shelters and park site amenities in addition to this exciting re-introduction of our commercial landscape service. Please add Green-Up to your commercial landscape bidders lists. If you are looking for that competitive quality edge for your project, give us a call to secure our services for the 2017 season. We are confident that we will accomplish your project brilliantly!

Thank you for considering Green-Up for your all-encompassing commercial landscape and park project objectives.4