Shelters are a great addition to any park or common area where a permanent structure is desired. There are multiple reasons your playground needs a shelter.  They can make any area a focal point and have many practical benefits. Check out our gallery here and keep reading below to see why you should incorporate a shelter into your playground or community park design. 

Keeps Equipment in Prime Condition 

One reason your playground needs a shelter is to protect your equipment. Since shelters keep the sun and rain away, equipment stays in better condition. Wooden benches keep rot at bay while playgrounds keep their colors nice and bright. 

Protection From UV Rays

One great reason to add a shade structure to an outdoor space is to minimize exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Surprisingly, the sun can cause damage even during cloudy days. Installing shade structures on school playgrounds allows children to play with little exposure to UV rays. Read more about the effects of sun damage here. 

playground shelter


Gathering Place for Visitors 

An outdoor community area encourages friends and families to gather, and they’ll stick around the playground or park longer if they’re comfortable. Parents may use the shaded area to keep cool while watching their children, or they might want to have a birthday party there next time. 

Provides Cover from Weather 

Unlike shades, shelters have ridged roofs that do not get removed in the winter time. Shelters also protect people from all the elements including 100% protection from harmful UV Rays. Shelters come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the many options you will have to choose from are:

  • Shingle or metal roofs.

  • Pine tongue and groove sub-roof

  • Multiple level roofs

  • Copula’s

  • Steel or wood frame work

  • Ornamentation

  • Electric for outlets and lights


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