Do you remember the feeling of a hot slide nearly scalding your legs as you attempted to play on equipment during the summer? This childhood memory can feel burned into our memories, and it’s a miracle we were still able to have so much fun. Thankfully, this issue is starting to become an issue of the past thanks to shade structures! What is a shade structure? What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out! 

multi color shade

What is a shade shade structure? A shade structure, or simply, shade, is a large covering used to protect the equipment from the sun. There are multiple types of shade structures to choose from. Shades come in a variety of colors and shapes. They range from a single post to 4 post systems. Our most popular are Cantilever shades and Sail shades. In addition to being available in many shapes, colors, and sizes, shades can also be manufactured to accommodate snow loads. Live in a very sunny area? No problem! Shades can also be manufactured to protect against different levels of UV rays. 

blue shade playground

What are additional benefits of shades?  Not only do shades keep the area below the shade cooler, they also help reduce the chance of burns from overheated play equipment and surfacing when used over play equipment. Not only due they keep the equipment cool, they also reduce the chance of sunburns. How? Shade structures reduce exposure to harmful UV rays and as a result, reduce the chance of getting skin cancer.

In conclusion, shade structures are a great addition to any outdoor area because they keep equipment cool to the touch, reduce the risk of burns and sunburns, and they add a visual interest. Have questions about shades? Click here to contact us. 


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