Amenity (uh-men-i-tee)

noun, plural a-men-i-ties.

Any feature that provides comfort, convenience, or pleasure: 


Can you imagine a nice park without a bench to sit on? What if there was no picnic table to eat your lunch on? Amenities are invaluable to spaces like parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, schools, and businesses. Items like firepits, picnic tables, and grills encourage a sense of community and it become a central location for friends and families to spend time together. 

Site amenities do more than provide comfort, convenience, and pleasure. They also help draw people into your outdoor space by making the space more usable. A site amenity may be something as simple as a bench, picnic table or a trash can; however, by adding things like drinking fountains, bleachers, pergolas and ADA ramps not only are you enhancing the comfort but you are increasing the way people can use the space. There is no limit to what you can do!

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