When you think of a playground, you might remember afternoons on the merry-go-round or the slides. Today’s schoolyards are quite different and have nearly endless options for play. Modern playgrounds are filled with equipment that makes not only social and physical development in mind but also vivid designs that make imaginations run wild. Check out our top picks for motion play equipment below:

Standing Spinners allow children to spin to their heart’s desire while developing depth perception skills and balance. Spinners come in a variety of designs.

standing spinner

Seat Spinners come in a variety of styles, themes, and colors. Children sit on the spinner seats and spin themselves around. This type of play helps children learn cause and effect as they use their weight to turn. This item is excellent for small spaces! 

Track Rides are “overhead” equipment that children use to glide from one side to the other. This fun equipment builds children’s upper body strength while offering a dynamic challenge. 

Zip Lines are trolleys that allow children to travel from one end to another. Kids of all ages have plenty of fun soaring through the air. It’s no surprise that zip lines are becoming one of the most popular choices in playground design.

zip line playground

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